The state attorney’s office has sought a 15-year prison sentence and disqualification for former president Martin Vizcarra on corruption charges.

The prosecution also sought a 9-year disqualification from public office against Martin Vizcarra.

The Lava Jato Special Team made an impeachment claim against Former President Martin Vizcarra (2018-2020), a 15-year prison sentence is sought for the offense of passive bribery.

The prosecution’s charge covers two cases, detailed Public Ministry In a statement released Friday. These were the Lomas de Ilo Project and the Moquegua Hospital Expansion and Development Project, implemented during Vizcarra’s tenure as regional governor.

The prosecutor’s office sought a nine-year disqualification from public office against the former head of state.

Public Ministry
Public Ministry

In 2020, German Juarez, a lawyer from the team investigating the Lava Jato case in Peru, had already requested on two occasions to investigate Vizcarra because companies that had received tenders in Mogua, where he was a popular regional governor, were also involved. In ‘Construction Club’.

It’s about a group of companies that allegedly share public works in exchange for billionaire bribes.

The prosecutor’s office said it was able to reactivate the international judicial cooperation mechanism with Brazilian authorities over the Odebrecht case, which was suspended on November 1 following the company’s request.

“Prosecutors Rafael Vela and José Domingo Pérez, together with temporary prosecutor Silvana Carrion Ordinola, signed the law requesting the representatives of the CNO company (Odebrecht) to the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office to re-enforce requests for Peruvian international cooperation. The public ministry’s statement said.

A preliminary decision by Brazil’s central public ministry was adopted in response to Novonar’s case. odebrechtIt condemned violations by Peruvian authorities of an agreement signed between the two parties, which included “not using evidence produced in Brazil” against the company in that jurisdiction.

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