The Squares Nencho Forgot: Only Beggars Dare to Use Dangerous “Public” Space

The transformation of the Plaza Dr. Gaspar Rodríguez De Francia, in Asuncion, from a historic site with a lot of traffic, to a refuge for people who live on the streets. Today, ABC begins the series “The Squares Forgot by Nenecho” and invites the reader to discover the spaces that ought to be for citizens, but today they are occupied by insecurity and abandonment.

This week the catastrophic situation of night parkAnd the Historic place abandoned by management Asuncion Mayor Oscar Rodriguez (ANR). However, countless arenas have been added to this special place, among them are the so-called Gaspar Rodriguez from France.

it’s about 6800 square meters value Of the public places that should be for citizens. It is located between the streets of Patricios, Pastor Candia, Río de la Plata and Teniente Cesar Díaz. It’s Building Number 45 in the Dr. Rodríguez De Francia. The box is by 649 for the year 1942.

The public space is historically known as a part of “Carnation Cardamom”As the area is called by its inhabitants. As in all important green spaces, the plaza was a center surrounded by important businesses, where The commercial life of the population of the twentieth century. Around, today there are three houses considered Historical heritage.

Currently, in the arena broken floorsthey abandoned toilets, Their structures collapsed, and the homeless slept where their mattresses could be found.

In Article 12 of Municipal Basic Law Among the municipality’s tasks: “equip, maintain, clean and decorate the municipality’s public infrastructure, including streets, roads and parks, squares Spas and other public places.

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The Heritage Director at the National Trust for Culture, Mariekarmen Kushnal, He pointed out that society has the right to secured public spaces and that it is therefore necessary for the authorities to take care of their conditions.

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