Roman Rodriguez shows his support for the Canary flag to “respond to the challenges of modern society”

02 April 2023
The Vice-President visits the headquarters of the Institute of Natural Products and Agricultural Biology (IPNA-CSIC) in Tenerife and highlights the role of Canarian researchers in the development of the archipelago

The Vice-President of the Canary Islands and Minister of Finance, Budgets and European Affairs, Roman Rodriguez, showed his support for Canary Islands science to “respond to the challenges of modern society”, citing examples of research and control of some invasive species, such as the termite in Tenerife or the Californian viper in Gran Canaria, as well as the volcano in La Palma.

During a visit to the headquarters of the Institute of Natural Products and Agricultural Biology of the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (IPNA-CSIC) in Tenerife, where he was welcomed by the Director of the Institute Juan Ignacio Padrón and other members of his team such as Rocío Idiaquez, Inés Pérez, Manuel Nogales and Odalys Padron were able to see how this organization works and learn In detail about some of the projects you are currently developing.

“Here things are being done – said the vice president – to improve life on many issues, from the simplest to the most complex.”

After a tour of the IPNA-CSIC facilities on the Anchieta campus of the University of La Laguna (ULL), Rodríguez stopped, among other laboratories, in the area where the behavior and fight against certain invasive species are being studied, among those that include the termites that have harmed Tacoronte and the municipalities Others have been found in Tenerife in recent years or have harmed the Californian rattlesnake found in Gran Canaria. “Science is a major ally for the present and future of the Canary Islands, where high-quality scientific research is being carried out. For this reason, both citizens and institutions must stand by them,” Rodrigues reiterated.

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In the same way, the Vice-President showed his unconditional support for the work being done by professionals and internship students at IPNA-CSIC and emphasized that “we must always be on the side of science, research and knowledge because this is what has allowed us to confront the pandemic in an extraordinary way as well as the struggle it has brought us.” The volcano in La Palma.

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