“The Snow Society” shined at the Goya Awards

(CNN Spanish) — The Spanish film “Snow Society”, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, shone at the Goya Awards.

JA Bayona's film, based on the true story of the survivors of a 1972 plane crash in the Andes, is Saturday's top-grossing film, up for Oscars in Best International Film and Best Makeup and Hairstyling. At the 38th edition of Goya held at the Valladolid fair.

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The successful film won 12 out of 13 awards including Best Cinematography, Direction and Cinematography.

Complete list

This is the complete list of 2024 Goya Awards nominations.

-Best Film: The Snow Society

-Best Direction: Juan Antonio Bayona, for The Snow Society

-Best Lead Actor: David Werdagher, they know it

-Best Lead Actress: Malena Alterio, for Nobody Sleeps

-Best European Film: French film Anatomy of a Fall

-Best Ibero-American Film: The Infinite Memory, Mite Alberti (Chile)

– Best Supporting Actor: Jose Coronado, Close Your Eyes

-Best Supporting Actress: Ane Kabarein, for 20,000 Kinds of Bees

-Best Animated Film: Robot Dreams, Pablo Berger

-Best Documentary: Until You Are, Here and Now by Carme Elias, Claudia Pinto

Best Adapted Screenplay: Pablo Berger, for Robot Dreams

-Best Original Script: Estebalis Urresola, for 20,000 species of bees

-Best Art Direction: Alain Payne, for The Snow Society

-Best Editing: Andrés Gil and Jam Marty for The Snow Society

-Best Cinematography: Pedro Luk, for The Snow Society

-Best Animated Short Film: Bird or Not Bird, Martin Romero

-Best Documentary Short: Ava by Mabel Lozano

-Best Fiction Short Film: Although It's Night, Guillermo García López

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-Best Original Score: Michael Giacchino, for The Snow Society

-Best Original Song: 'I Only Want Love' by Ricoberta Bandini Because I Love You Madly

-Best New Director: Estibalis Urresola, for 20,000 species of bees

-Best New Actor: Madias Recall for The Snow Society

-Best New Actress: Janet Novas, for O Carno

-Best Production Direction: Margarita Huguette, for The Snow Society

-Best Special Effects: Pau Costa, Felix Berges and Laura Pedro, for The Snow Society

-Best Sound: George Atrados, Oriol Tarago and Mark Artz for The Snow Society

-Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Ana and Belen Lopez-Buikserver and Montse Ribé for The Snow Society

-Best Costume Design: Julio Suarez, for The Snow Society

-Goa of Honor: Juan Marine

-Goya International: Sigourney Weaver

Last month, Bayona was nominated for an Oscar for Best International Film.

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