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What was once an empty space within Forrestal Park has now become a meeting point for families due to the colorful and attractive rides located there.

From Quito Street, shortly before arriving at Capuel Stadium, in southern Guayaquil, you can see the roller coaster, worms and carousels that have given life to this park since the beginning of the year.

Maite Loayza, who visits the forest regularly, says this new space is exciting because it generates movement of people between the afternoon and evening. “This was a shoe-in, and now it's nice to walk here and see the park again with people and enjoy it,” he says.

Cabildo intervenes in the forest garden and applies internal healing to its trees

There are at least ten attractions that have migrated from Samanes Park to this point in the city and will remain until the end of February.

Johnny Tigreros runs the site with about five families from his immediate surroundings. Each family group will consist of six or seven people, each playing a role in the entertainment space.

The 34-year-old is part of the third generation to tour the country with these small theme parks. First it was his grandfather, then his father, and now he leads the business, and is known for his tours of small towns and cities during their vacations.

More than 10 rides have been installed in part of the forest park.

They are removable structures that are regularly displayed in the city between July and October for the holidays.

For each game there is a moderator who is responsible for explaining what is included in the purchased ticket. Also near the machines there are small entrepreneurs selling typical snacks such as caramel apples, candy, ice cream and some non-alcoholic drinks.

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To reach this site, Tigreros confirms that he obtained the corresponding permits, as he did in the cities he visited. They were in this park because the $2 mini-game exhibit was opening to the public.

The site manager says traffic in this space has been good in the past month. It has become even more dynamic since the beginning of the year when an intervention was made in the park as part of the actions of the Municipality of Guayaquil to restore it.

The forest and samanes parks will be managed by the municipality of Guayaquil

At the end of January, for example, dozens of workers using various machines began cutting branches from several saman trees in Forrestal, south of Guayaquil. This is one of the urgent intervention measures in that park.

Tigreros says the garden and gallery intervention helped bring life to the site. “This was full of water and empty, and we added a little color to the games for everyone to enjoy,” he says.

Meanwhile, last Sunday, dozens of families came to the Citizens Fair held in Forest Square, which brought together more than 300 merchants. “This was a positive thing because in addition to the fair we could have something to entertain the kids,” said Nina Kangas, who attended the fair and games with her family. (Yo)

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