The shampoo brand is going viral for its use on networks Shakira and Clara Chia

Shakira and her songs continue to be great gateways to opportunity Different Brands. Very useful were which Colombian women As mentioned in session #53A theme he collaborated on with Argentinian Bizarre.

But beyond brands, The much-talked about “lawsuit” between Shakira and Clara ChiaNew couple Gerard PQThe former soccer player, with whom the Colombian artist was married for many years.

The shampoo brand goes viral with an ad featuring Shakira and Clara Chia

Shock became a trend again After A shampoo brand created a video Promote your product Clara uses one of Xia’s first images. In the said picture, the young Catalan’s hair seems to have been mistreated and they compare it to the photo Colombian womenHer hair looks shiny there.

Is your hair lifeless and dry?? Do you give up a lot and feel like you’re not happy anymore? Don’t know how to comb anymore? “You clearly need a better treatment

Although they noted, their advertising was meant to be humorous. The video made a big impact And so far Adding more than six million views And thousands of comments

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