The security officer attends a meeting with the judiciary at the Virgilio Dávila residential event

Samuel Verdejo, who was in charge of the security of last Sunday’s concert at the Virgilio Devila residence in Piedmont without government permission, appeared in court Wednesday as part of an investigation. That was carried out by the authorities.

According to Noticentro de WAPA TV, Verdejo attended his summons to the Economic Crimes Division of the Judiciary, but after his departure he refused to release statements to the press.

Another guard, who did not want to be identified with reporter Reena Mateo, pointed out that the security firm had been subcontracted by a person, but did not say who it was.

The commissioner of the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, Antonio Lopez Fikurova, for his part, promised at a press conference that he would invite everyone involved in the event. Among them, he confirmed that they will cite Reckon Farooq and sponsors.

“Some have been summoned by the judiciary this morning and we are going to call everyone involved in the operation. Why? I understand that everyone who attended had a social responsibility, knowing that it was not permissible and did what they wanted, which was not only disrespectful to the law, but also to the people of Puerto Rico. , ”Said Lopez Fikurova.

There will be repercussions, ‘he warned.

On December 22, the Public Housing Administration (AVP), in a letter to producer Rolando Santa, rejected the event. However, this was done on December 26 with the participation of Rao Alejandro, his girlfriend Rosalia, Farrukh and other artists.

However, Santa and his company Chad denied that the events had anything to do with organizing the event.

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“I had asked permission to do this work because of requests from various artists. That permission did not prosper, and my intervention reached that stage, ”he said in a written statement.

Santa Jr. said he had already been summoned to appear before Puerto Rico police.

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