The moon and Mars close the year with a “kiss”, when and where to watch the astronomical event in Mexico?

The moon Y Tuesday This will close in 2021 With a kiss “ When both celestial bodies are inside Link, When the astronomical phenomenon is generally known to be very close to each other “Kiss between the Moon and Mars”, Which can be seen in Mexico and around the world.

The astronomical event is one of the most amazing events of the year, and the closeness of the two celestial bodies is not unique to each other because of the connection between the other planets in the solar system.

Unlike other astronomical events, the kiss between the Moon and Mars No special environment is required Those who love space events can appreciate it as they do not have to wait till night to see the sky completely dark.

When and where to see the “kiss” between the moon and Mars in Mexico?

From this we can see the kiss between the moon and Mars Next Friday, December 31st, A few minutes before covering the night sunset. Until the space event will take place Early morning Saturday January 1, 2022.

To fully appreciate it, the kiss between the Moon and Mars does not require special astronomical equipment, and even with a simple telescope. I know You will see by raising your face Goes into space.

The Moon and Mars will give a “kiss”. Photo: Special ??

Other astronomical events for 2022 will appear January 7, Where you can see Mercury reaches its brightness When it reaches a very high altitude, after 10 days, the January 17, The January full moon, Popularly known as Wolf Moon, Which is found in various parts of the world.

During the last month of this year, when Jupiter and Saturn merged, various astronomical events that we have not seen for more than 20 years occurred. We also got a total solar eclipse and a meteor shower.

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