The sectoral forum for the higher technician in nursing, which is a space for generating constructive dialogue and defining the professional personality

This Tuesday, in the Oval Hall of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Sectoral Forum for Higher Technical Nursing was held. The goal was to create a space for constructive dialogue with various sectors related to health, in order to define the professional image of this technology, according to the needs of the environment and the workplace.

The working day was attended by: Alberto Galarza (President of the Council of Public Education), Aníbal Arroyos (Permanent Secretary of CoPETyP), Emilio de Lima (Representative of the Directorate of Higher Education of the CGE), Sebastian de Oliveira and Carmelo Pretez (Representatives of SPEPM), Alejandra Yellen Ledesma (Under Secretary to articulate between ministries and system integration)

Also, Mariela Giberto (Chief of Staff of the Group), Eduardo Monteros (Supervisor of Technical Schools), Agustín Pérez Campos (Representative of the Undersecretaries of the Ministry of Education), Silvina Benítez and Eleonora Zisman (Representatives of the Undersecretaries of Technical Education), José Luis Avalos (Head of the Faculty of Nursing), Francisco Castillo (representative of the Ministry of Health) and Dolores Gómez (representative of the APS in the municipality of Posadas).

Accompanying nursing training institutions:
✅ Superior Missions Adventist Institute.
✅ IMS.
✅ San Agustin Institute.
^ Missionary Imprint Institute.

UDA and UDPM leaders also participated in the sectoral forum.

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