The secret to crafting unique jewelry lies in the science of chaos

Chaos theory deals with complex systems, that is, those in which there is more than one variable on which the outcome of the problem depends. Experiment – did experiments. Life itself rules it chaosand any everyday situation is the best example. We may lock the door to the house, but when we leave and turn the key for the first time, we realize we’ve left our gloves on. Opening, gloving and closing can take 20 seconds, but at that moment the neighbor may have taken elevator. a) yes, That 20-second delay becomes two minutes This metaphor usually ends with the poor man who left his gloves when he was fired from work, because the delay in the elevator leads to You encounter a traffic jam and the delay becomes more than an hour. In this article we will be more lenient and we will think that once you leave the street, The wind causes a 50-euro bill to fall to his foot, which would not have been there without two minutes.

Myrtle Frost

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