The season was postponed for a week

As negotiations between the Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) continue, the league has announced that the first weekend matches will not take place on Friday.

“Without a collective bargaining agreement, we regret postponing the start of the Spring training games until at least Saturday, March 5th,” the league said in a statement. “All 30 teams are united in a strong desire to bring players back to the field and fans to the stand.

“The clubs have adopted a consistent policy that gives fans who have purchased club tickets the option of a full refund for any spring training games that have not taken place. We are committed to reaching a fair agreement between each party. They will work hard to start the season on time. “

MLBPA Made his latest proposal On Thursday, it responds to two economic areas: Super 2 qualification and salary bonus payments to players before the arbitral tribunal. The union reduced the demand for Super 2, proposing that the first 80% of players with two years or more of service be eligible for arbitration. MLB has made it clear that expanding such eligibility is not negotiable, but it is with the idea of ​​increasing pay for younger players.

The MLBPA calls for all players with two years of service to qualify for the jury, although 80% will be a significant improvement over the current system, giving 22% of players 2 years of Super 2 eligibility with two years of service. Years of service or more.

MLB has provided $ 15 million in that category, an increase of $ 5 million from its initial offer. The idea of ​​going to the players before the jury was originally proposed by the union, although the league agreed as part of an effort to accommodate the MLBPA’s will.

MLB’s most recent CBA plan includes changes to a variety of economic issues, including the minimum wage, bonus payments to players before the arbitral tribunal, and the handling of competitive reserve tax and service time.

With the arrival of both players and owners, meetings will resume Monday. The MLB has set a contract deadline of February 31 for the season, which starts on March 31 as planned.

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