The science that will make motorsport greener

Last week ended the 2022 Formula 1 racing season. As 20 drivers faced each other on the track with their individual seats to try to cross the finish line first in 22 tests, each test is unique in terms of design and characteristics. The winner was Dutchman Max Verstappen with the RedBull team, who also triumphed in the Constructors’ Championship. Leaving aside the competition itself, Formula 1 Serves as a test bed for builders vehiclesfrom the manufacturers of Gas and tireswho benefit from the demands of sport to improve their lives Residential complexes Innovation in product development.

Focus on zero emissions

In 2019, because New car policies that favor lower emissions, I started a whole process to make the sport sustainable. The ultimate goal is zero emissions, which the Formula 1 circus is expected to achieve by 2030. “Zero emissions” means that the amount Greenhouse gases Greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere are compensated by other means so that the final balance emitted to the atmosphere is zero. The ways to achieve this vary greatly, from the use of renewable energy in circuits, changes in logistics or obtaining Gas environmental.

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