The Science Coalition recommends restricting the efficiency of private operations to 50% in closed spaces.

The Science Coalition this Monday recommended to Governor Pedro Pierre Lucie and Health Secretary Carlos Melloto to limit the ability of people to attend private activities to 50% in closed spaces, given the dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases in Puerto Rico.

“We recommend engaging in personal activities in closed spaces such as churches, restaurants, conferences, limiting capacity by up to 50% and ensuring physical space between participants this week,” the team of scientists said in a statement. Recommendations for various community groups.

In addition, the Scientific Coalition recommended that the Department of Health and the Governor review the current rules for managing cases in work environments and agencies and require a third dose.

Improving the oversight of existing regulations for the use of closed spaces (when seeking evidence for vaccination, etc.) and the resumption of orientation campaigns to the community, including information on the impact of an increase in cases. For the Omigron variant. , The need to reduce exposure by restricting activities and the number of guests, as well as the impact of two doses and personal actions related to exposure “, reads the list of recommendations.

Similarly, the NGO Community Department was called upon to request booster doses of the Covit-19 vaccine, especially if there are activities or work environments in closed spaces and mass events. The federation also stressed the need to use the measure in churches and temples, restaurants and bars, theaters and theaters.

The recommendation comes after the coalition recommended to the governor that a booster dose be established as a requirement for people to enter events and companies. The move was approved by Melissa Marzan, the chief health epidemiologist, but to date has not been supported by Mellato and the governor.

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Public health is the association between public policy and the behavior of individuals. We have all the tools in Puerto Rico to stop this new renaissance, but the cooperation of all social sectors is needed to achieve it.. Coalition leader Daniel Callen Ramos said.

The positive ratio of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico today is 13%, the highest number since December 2020. Last week, on December 15, the number of cases in Puerto Rico increased by more than 1000% compared to previous daily cases. Week.

The federation said that the duration of social activities during the Christmas season could contribute “significantly” to the increase in the positive rate. In that regard, he pointed out that these Christmas celebrations or meetings, which represent non-essential social activities, should be conducted with strict ethics, “If this is not possible, we recommend suspending or postponing them.”

The team pointed out that physical distance – six feet or more – where possible, with a certain number of people, not exceeding 50, should be carried out with hands that reduce the risk to participants with other health activities such as masking and washing.

“We recommend that you request booster doses and samples of negative tests (PCR) taken 24-48 hours before the procedure.

Individuals participating in these activities should limit their contact for the next 10 days and monitor their symptoms as this may help prevent the spread of infections. “The Coalition once again insists that the safe path in these uncertain times is to limit these essential social activities, and citizens are considering suspending or postponing them this Christmas week,” the panel reiterated.

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