Nahuel Guzman threw the object at the Rayadas team

The video of the Tiger player throwing an object at the players at the end of the warm-up spread on social media.

Goalkeeper of Tigers, Nahuel Guzman, Again said what to talk about the attitude he had before the final return of the women between the Amazon and the Amazon. Underlined, Because Argentina threw an object in the direction of the rival team.

The goalkeeper was at the University Grounds to watch the final between the two teams at the court level, while both teams did the heating work.

The peak moment in this Nahuel Guzman He came with a white object in his hand and gave what he had to say when thrown in the direction of the opposing team.

The object he threw Nahuel Guzman It didn’t reach competitors, but it was at the level of the big area.

‘Patón”s action was captured by fans on the property and began to be uploaded on social networks, where it was questioned by match supporters, while local team supporters backed it.

This is another chapter that refers to the Argentine goalkeeper, who on several occasions added to the list of questionable acts that allowed him, and many go unpunished.

Goalkeeper and team Tigers He is on vacation after being eliminated in the semi-finals of the Liga MX. This Monday he will report to the Star Box under the orders of Miguel Herrera.

Another member of the first group was ‘Piojo’ Herrera, who was in one of the boxes of the ‘volcano’.

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