The Science Act puts academic and intellectual freedom to the test

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Interview with Alma Maldonado / Pamela Cerdera

In an interview with Pamela Cerderaaccording to MVS News, Alma MaldonadoA researcher in the Educational Research Department at Synfestaff spoke about the implications of the Science Law initiative.

The researcher explained that this initiative was supposed to be approved in 2020, but it was postponed. He pointed out that there were 5 initiatives presented, 3 in the Senate and two in the House of Representatives Well, I was waiting for the official proposal from the President of the Republic on the bill.

“It was submitted only a few months ago and we’ve been in discussion about proposals to include in it with the projects and the community in mind, but the reality is that the scientific community and many academic groups have said they haven’t been adequately consulted and the comments made in earlier drafts of this The law was not taken into account.

He added that in this law several things are disturbing because “At stake are things like academic freedom or intellectual freedom that must prevail in the work that academics do.”

“The big problem is that this proposal does not seek a better scientific system, it departs from what most countries are doing in this regard and I think it would significantly reduce the impact.

Alma Maldonado concluded, “What we want is a good law because it will last about 20 years, it will have an impact in the medium term, and it will be a law that effectively promotes the development of science, technology and innovation.” A researcher in the Educational Research Department at Cinevistaf spoke about the Science Law initiative.

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