The Samsung Galaxy S23 is already getting the fourth beta of One UI 6 with Android 14.

The fourth beta for a new version of Samsung software.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will soon get a big boost in quality with the final version of One UI 6

A new version of One UI 6 with Android 14 is nearing its final arrival on the Samsung Galaxy S23. expected Samsung operating system update and customization layer They continue to progress in their development, that’s why The fourth beta of this system is now available For the South Korean company’s flagship mobile phones.

More improvements for One UI 6 with Android 14

This is the fourth beta, once again carried out After feedback received from users who tested the third beta version It brings in a UI 6 under Android 14 New improvements and fixes that improve the overall experience users ahead of its final release in the coming weeks. The system is being refined more and more, so, in this case, These are small fixes for small problems..

Among the improvements made to the operating system are:

  • Error fixed Sign up for Samsung Account and Samsung Pass.
  • Fixed blocking bug Speech recognition function.
  • Improved performance Google Assistant Appears when swiping from the bottom edge of the screen.
  • Other bugs are pending correction: Motion photo function, infinite reset of repair mode, kids app download failure.
A UI 6 Android 14

A sophisticated operating system

A UI 6, powered by Android 14It will be the most updated version of Android for Samsung phones and will gradually reach dozens of its devices Samsung has been providing support for many of its terminals for years. If you’re unsure if your Samsung device is among them, here’s a list of phones with One UI 6 in this beta.

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It is fundamental For better user experience and security of your data Phone manufacturers ensure long-term support for both software updates and security patches. In this aspect, Samsung is one of the companies that adheres to this best as its current mobile phones always have At least 2 years of updates and 3 years of security patchesAnd up to 4 years of updates and 5 years of security patches on high-end smartphones.

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