iPhone SE 4 comes with this unexpected innovation

Recent rumors suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will have the chassis of the iPhone 14.

The iPhone SE 4 will have the iPhone 14 chassis, USB-C, Face ID and an action button.

After learning that Apple has suspended its development iPhone SE 4We have new rumors indicating that it will come with an unexpected innovation: Its form factor is based on the iPhone 14. A change that makes this device a more desirable terminal by having an updated and modern design.

iPhone SE 4 news: improved design thanks to the iPhone 14 body

He iPhone SE 4 Re-enters the scene. As new rumors suggest, Apple will be remaking it, but with one big change: With the form factor of the iPhone 14. This change, as we said, will stop the old design from having a more current design and ensure that the iPhone range has the same design lineup.

Obviously, one of Apple’s suppliers suggests that the company It will make the new iPhone SE 4 with the iPhone 14’s chassis. Of course, there will be one big difference in the said model: instead of a dual camera setup on the back, there will be only one lens.

This change will create a Apple A new back plate for the deviceBecause the iPhone 14 has two cameras. Of course, the The iPhone SE is the fourth generation will also be 6.1 inchesBut it weighs 165 grams, six grams less than the iPhone 14 because of this change.

More news about the iPhone SE 4

Although we do not know about for a long time iPhone SE 4 news, we have a nice list of everything that might come with this new device that could be launched next year. These are all new features:

  • iPhone 14 chassis, but a single lens on the back.
  • Facial recognition.
  • USB-C.
  • Action button.
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While an action button seems unlikely on a device of these characteristics, rumors say They will have the iPhone 16So iPhone SE 4 It may be aligned in functions and smaller in design with devices that Apple will introduce next year. The iPhone is also expected to be a major competitor to the mid-range Android upon launch.

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