The Russian ‘Nauka’ module for ISS was launched in 2010


21 July 2021 08:04 GMT

The launch is scheduled for July 21 at 14:58 (GMT) by the Proton M rocket.

A Proton-M rocket with a ‘Nauka’ module received the state commission’s approval this Wednesday to be launched from the Pykonor Cosmotrome (Kazakhstan) to the International Space Station (ISS), according to the Russian space agency Roscosmos. .

The launch is scheduled to take place on July 21 at 14:58 (GMT) with the Proton M rocket. The disconnection of the ‘Progressive M-16’ space cargo module and the Birs docking dock is scheduled for July 23, just days before the ‘Nauka’ module arrives for the ISS. details Toss.

The ‘Nauka’ Multipurpose Laboratory module is intended for conducting scientific experiments and research. Once operational, the Russian department of the ISS will be able to have more workplaces, as well as store more exports and equipment to regenerate water and oxygen. The arrival of the new module will provide Russian astronauts with a second toilet, room for a third team member, as well as ERA European robotic arm, which will allow them to make some missions without having to go outside. Location.

The Proton-M is a disposable carrier rocket belonging to the family of proton missiles manufactured in the early 1960s. They are used to orbit Russian components of the ISS, communications satellites, military and planetary stations.

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