“The request of the Council to have its own space is long-standing”

GERMAN BOTTERO. The president referred to the project on the future building of the Municipal Council.

In the last hours it was learned that Rafaela and the province will sign an agreement from which the local State will cede the land of one hectare bordering Route 34 known as the Property of the Flower; in return, the provincial administration undertakes that the Municipal Council has its own building.
Asked about the matter, the president of the Legislative Body, Germán Bottero, said: “Actually the details we have are few, we had a talk with the Governor (Omar Perotti) some time ago, where he had stated that justice was seeking a complete transfer of Courts and that this could open the possibility of creating a civic center where other institutions can approach ”.
“The Council’s request to have its own space is a long-standing request, from a long time ago. The Council always had its project to locate its own headquarters in what is currently the esplanade that is attached to the Municipality. Moreover, that esplanade was designed as a place where the Municipal Council was going to be built and for different reasons it was never done. It is clear that the urgency is never to build a building for the Council that works on the sixth floor of the municipal building and that is why so much time passed and no progress was made. Now this idea appears and it seems important and interesting to us, because we would finish taking off the Municipality of this other power that is the Council ”, explained the legislator.
Bottero said that “many times they confuse us, our location is not comfortable, being on the sixth floor of the Municipal Palace and because the Executive and its secretaries also need more space, thus freeing up this sixth floor would be quickly used by the cabinet; that is the idea and for now we have no more knowledge than this that was made public ”.
Regarding the importance of having their own building, the radical stressed that “the Executive and the Legislative are different powers of the state and we have different functions, so physically separating ourselves will collaborate with the treatment of the Municipal Council and a little also with approaching people. We know that the sixth floor is not a comfortable, accessible place and perhaps thinking of a place with more accessibility would be important and would put the Municipal Council closer to the citizens ”.

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