The regression unemployment charge has arrived

Secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DDRH) Carlos J. Rivera Santiago today announced a $ 94,077,082 millionaire discount for unemployment insurance claimants and an advance payment of $ 300 for 300 371,369,598 claims. Receive Infectious Unemployment Assistance (PUA) after extending benefits under federal law “Continued Assistance to Unemployed Workers of 2020”.

“The Governor of Puerto Rico, Point Pedro R. Pierre Lucci and this server are working together to do justice to the recipients of the unemployment check. Rivera Santiago explained.

The distribution of this program, known as the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), will begin on the week of January 2, 2021 and end on the week of March 13, 2021. Claimants who come under the direct deposit will see their compensation reflected next Saturday, while claimants will receive it in the next few days by check.

“If the claimant receives unemployment benefits during this period, they can receive an additional $ 300 per week. If eligible, you can pay in advance from the FPUC,” DDRH assured the holder.

The Secretary of Labor, on the other hand, stated that the amount disbursed from the FPUC sent to claimants for the Epidemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) was 7 277,292,516.09. “PUA claimants with a more modern platform than unemployment have been receiving compensation since the second week of January, which is why the amount awarded is higher than those of unemployment claimants,” he concluded.

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