The region has turned its back on Venezuelan immigrants and migration

With 300,759 recognized refugees and 1,184,889 pending applications for refugee status, the Venezuelan diaspora reached 7,774,494, according to data from R4V, a multi-agency platform that tracks them. It has become the largest human movement event in the world. It is estimated that Venezuela has lost approximately 27% of its population since the Bolivarian Revolution came to power.

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In 2023, 20.58% of Venezuelan immigration left, 1,589,106 people, but ironically it was the year with the lowest response, which had only a third of the international cooperation resources needed for its care in the region, while many governments have tightened immigration measures and racism. continued to grow.

Adding to the complex panorama is the migration crisis of populations en route to the United States through the Darien forest on the border between Colombia and Panama. As of June 6, Panamanian officials said 174,513 people had traveled through the jungle this year, 64.84% of them, about 113,244, from Venezuela.

Venezuela did not recover, and its immigrants did not return; On the contrary, a “complex humanitarian crisis” exists and in the second half of 2024, depending on the results of the presidential elections scheduled for July 28, it is expected that there will be a significant growth of migration, especially of young people. and families in reunification processes in receiving countries.

In particular, the political situation in Venezuela has exacerbated the persecution of opponents, human rights defenders, members of social organizations and opponents of Chavismo, some of whom fled in the face of repression. But above all, the alleged actions of the Nicolás Maduro regime against Venezuelans in Chile and Colombia, ranging from illegal detentions, torture, killing and extraction against citizens who should be recognized with international protection and refugee status, create special concern.

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