The reason why archiving conversations on WhatsApp is not recommended

Everything seems to refer to archiving your conversations Share It takes up storage space that you can use in other ways, so doing this is not recommended.

As you can see, WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging apps currently used by millions of people.

However, it should be noted that the existence of identical networks such as Telegram and Signal has reduced the number of their users.

However, to be honest, not all users handle it Processor Totally and that is why we constantly share some tricks or its new functions.

On the other hand, the ‘Archive Chats’ feature allows you to hide private or group conversations from the chat list in order to better organize your conversations.

Note that this function does not delete the chat or save a backup of it directly to your SD memory card.

When you receive a new message in an archived chat, either individually or as a group, it is automatically archived and reappears in your chat list.

The thing is, by doing so, you are not technically wasting space directly from the SD, but from your mobile device.

Therefore, if this is a continuous practice, there is a risk of drastically increasing the weight of the application and the space it uses in the device’s memory.

For this reason, conversations with other multimedia content, such as photos, video clips, and GIFs, weigh approximately 10 MB and take up the same amount of space if you decide to archive.

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With this, it is recommended to free up unnecessary chats as it will free up more space from the application as well as from the cell phone.

The truth is that users of the apps receive daily news, which allows them to access new services and, in addition, they can guarantee the inclusion of users.

This is the case Share, Announced an activity that will benefit its more than 2,000 million monthly users: Communities seeks to strengthen its competition against other messaging applications such as Telegram.

According to information posted on the WABetaInfo portal, developers at Meta (Facebook) will work on a process that gives administrators the power to create a community consisting of one or more groups.

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