Barcelona. Gerard Bigway was the first victim of the Xavi Hernandez discipline

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Gerard Pique The first ‘victim’ of the imposed new order Xavi Hernandez At FC Barcelona. It imposed a strategic quill A series of conditions for their students to meet yes or no, All to relieve the team from the sporting crisis they face.

That’s where the defender is already affected, because He had planned to go to Madrid to promote the Davis Cup And attend the Spanish show ‘El Harmiguro’, but All of these have been reduced due to the regulation introduced by DT, By specifying one of the items Control of players’ extra sports activities.

With the aim of ensuring that the entire team is committed to the current state of the Cule Club, PQ May be absent from the presentation of Davis Cup, Scheduled for next Tuesday, November 16th, It’s an advertising competition. Similarly, the defender had to cancel his presentation on Pablo Moto’s ‘El Harmiguro’ show.

In addition, it is worth noting PQ Not trained with Xavi Hernandez Because You are recovering from an injury, Although this is not a barrier to learning about the new DT-led practices.

What is Barca’s new rule?

  1. Players will arrive for training at least one and a half hours in advance.
  2. Trainers arrive two hours before each workout.
  3. Players eat at Ciudad Deportivo.
  4. Penalties: They will be allowed for minor, serious or very serious misconduct.
  5. High Speed ​​Penalty: They will be increased if the player makes a mistake again.
  6. Stay home before midnight: a maximum of 48 hours before a game.
  7. Eligibility: Only those who are in the top 100 in training will play.
  8. Off-court control: Additional sports activities will be monitored and will not be allowed if they affect the player’s performance.
  9. No dangerous activities: Procedures such as surfing or training on an electric bike are prohibited.
  10. Good presentation: The player must represent the club well.
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