The real tragedies of “The Exorcist”

Her role in Linda Blair and The Exorcist. Blend via La Nacion

As the years go by, The Exorcist continues to be intimidating … and has sequels. The new chapter of the terrifying saga is directly linked to the 1973 film and addresses the story from that end. Producer Jason Plum confirmed this to Geek’s Special Media Ten. As he worked on the 2018 Halloween sequel, Plum is the president of Bloomhouse, the horror production company that hired David Gordon Green to run the new project.

To Nation

The same strategy used on Halloween is to set aside all sequels and prefaces and take the story from where the first film left off. “I think the suspects will be pleasantly surprised. We had a lot on Halloween and David shut his mouth on them. I think he will do the same on The Exorcist,” Plum promised.

The new installment is expected to be screened in 2023, which is the first fifty years since its shooting involved a series of terrifying events. For example, before the shooting began, there was a fire in the set that killed three workers; During post-production, two actors who starred in the film died; Strange noises and shadows were heard in the dark during all the filming.

A cursed story

The Exorcist is an adaptation of William Peter Platti’s best-selling novel, marking a turning point in horror movies. Platty wrote the script and produced the film, while director William Friedkin – Contact in France – became a global success, grossing over $ 82 million to $ 10 million in the initial budget.

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