The real reason Kim Kardashian was upset at Tom Brady's roast

Kim Kardashian's joke was not well received by attendees of “The Greatest Roast of All Time,” a Netflix event dedicated to Tom Brady. Thanks to: (Twitter)

On May 5, Kim Kardashian was one of the celebrity guests on the Netflix comedy special. The greatest roast of all timeIt aims to pay a unique tribute to the legendary NFL quarterback, Tom Brady. However, amid the banter and jokes, an incident marred the socialite's presentation as the audience started booing him as soon as he took the stage. Amidst speculation about the origins of the negative public reaction, Nikki GlaserThe comedian and a participant of the same event revealed a new version behind the incident.

when Kim Kardashian As she took the stage for her performance at the roast, a boo from the audience erupted, forcing her to pause her performance. The unexpected reaction was broadcast live, so it quickly went viral on social networks.

Initially, many viewers and social media users were booed by Taylor Swift fans, commonly known as “Swifties”. That theory has been backed up by a long-running rivalry between the two celebrities over the years, which recently returned to headlines for the song “thank you aIMee.”

On social media, many initially blamed Taylor Swift fans for her longstanding rivalry with Kardashian. (Credits: REUTERS)

However, the comedian Nikki GlaserSomeone who was part of the show assures that this was not a planned boycott reaction against the American Horror Story actress.

On an episode of Dear Media's “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, Glazer had another guest, a comedian – whom he did not name – known to cause trouble.

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“Apparently, he did it as a joke. Maybe he drank too much or something. “He didn't have anything to do with the Swifties or anything, he just felt like throwing a 'poo' in the air,” Nicki explained.

Described by Glaser as a “wild boy,” this man caused a chain reaction among the public, who perhaps wanted to achieve catharsis. She pointed out that The audience is mostly made up of sports fans.Kim is not a close follower of Kardashian's activities.

Glazer defended Kim, insisting the famous comedian started the booze (Credit: REUTERS/Nathan Howard)

“Most of the audience was sports fans who wanted some kind of excuse,” Glazer noted. His version is that Kim was at the center of an unfortunate coincidence that erupted without any real intent against him.

Despite the awkward moment, Kim Kardashian He showed expertise and remained calm until he finished the part he was in charge of. Subsequently, Netflix decided to edit the part where the explosion occurred, thus removing the moment from the finale stored on the platform. Streaming.

In statements to the media, producer Robbie Braw downplayed the editing, as this type of editing is a common practice in post-production of live shows.

While Kardashian hasn't spoken specifically about the pose, she's made other media appearances and let it be known that she enjoyed her time on the acid comedy show.

Tom Brady has said he will never participate in a roast again. (Courtesy: Netflix)

This was not the only controversy in the roast Tom Brady. The athlete's close circle did not receive some jokes that hinted at his family life and recent divorce from Gisele Bundchen.

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The former NFL quarterback told a podcast that he generally enjoyed the show, but he won't participate in a similar event in the future because he realizes the jokes have affected his children. Brady shares two children, Benjamin and VivianThe Brazilian supermodel and another son Jack, with her ex Bridget Moynahan.

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