The public space was torn apart before the encroachment of vandalism

The indifference of the municipality, regarding the various demands made by the local communities, is not only infuriated Citizenship. added to this collective lament Let’s see how other citizens have turned urban furniture items, and even homes, into new goals for sabotage. The problem increases, whether in neighborhoods or castles, and even reaches the treeswhich are not only damaged by severe pruning or scarlet plague.

scribbled walls, statues Torn pieces, as well as damage bus stopsis another of ruin The latest recorded Guayaquil, a city where they steal every month 200 piecesbetween nets and covers.

Guayaquil: The lottery vendor statue has already been restored

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Added to this is the damage to the transportation system Side roadsThis is to avoid paying the ticket.

there from risk Their lives by walking through the exclusive lane to enter the stations, they violate automatic doors endangering the physical safety of users.

This business that is property damage From the public sector, duly recorded with cameras control. The acts of vandals who entered the stations with the aim of destroying them, including their doors, were also recorded in videos circulating on social media.

Street of trees 25 de Julio

Ten trees were vandalized on 25 de Julio Street

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For nurse Estefanía Macías, this situation also affects the parks, but what worries her most is that it is the people of Guayaquil who are doing this, city ​​ruin. “There are houses in Ordesa that are lined with graffiti, in the gardens they remove benches and every time you hear the statues are vandalized. It’s a shame.”

Under the gaze of sociologist Carlos Totvin, the people who do these actions reflect only one result: they have no sense of what citizenship is. He argues that this is because they do not participate in Common areaswhere the rules of this type of space are respected.

“In Ecuador, the mechanisms for training citizens, which begin in the school and in social communication, on the other hand in the street, are destroyed, understood not as a space for any person but as a public space,” the expert analyzes.

It is sad to see how sometimes it is the citizens themselves who destroy or steal public goods, without realizing that they are wasting their money.

Marcelo Ramirez, from Rue Portet

Psychologist Manuel Martinez points out that people who commit these acts do not have a sense of belonging to the city. “What is required is civic education. It is recommended that local authorities carry out a strong civil campaign and raise awareness of the duties and rights of the population.”


Guayaquil: Two arrested after vandalizing a bus station

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Breeder Narcsa Espinosa, who lives at Portet and 29, which is where the boxes were stolen for deposit, agrees with him. rubbish, destroy, destroy. “Not even a week had passed since they were placed in the area, when they disappeared and only the structure that supported them remained. The same thing happened with the roof of a bus station in the Strip that was dismantled during the night.”

Some subway seats are marked by users who leave a record of their presence with permanent marks. Sometimes there are obscene messages

Carmelina Santana, Metrovia user

The teacher explains that the vandal did not receive any training, “No one instructed him, no one regulated his behavior, and therefore he believes that everyone is against him, including the monuments and walls that he has done a lot of damage to. There is a need for more awareness of the citizens.”

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