Eiza González and her “twin losers” make a surprise on social media

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In the last days Eiza Gonzalez “Aquaman” is very popular on social media due to his love affair with the protagonist. Jason Momova, So it is not uncommon to see all sorts of stories about the Mexican actress, who is also making a biography. Maria Felix.

However, On this occasion, internet users were amazed to see the great similarity between the beauty queen of Mexican and Indian descent. Vardhika SinghThe same one who participated in Miss Universe 2019. And it seems that he never dreamed of meeting his twin and this is the Mexican case.

Also, everything happened because I realized the great similarity between the users in the network, Undoubtedly the life of Mexican actress Isa Gonzalez prevailed, but it did not happen to beauty queen Varthika Singh, Whose is it?

Vardhika Singh and Isa Gonzalez are one and the same!

Considering the great similarity, the ideas were unleashed She’s Isa’s lost twins, and they finally find each other. These two young women share not only their physical resemblance, but also their interest in acting and fashion. The main physical features found are large lips, eyebrows, nose shape and long brown hair.

Singh, In addition to his talent in acting and fashion, She holds a bachelor’s degree in medical nutrition and diet and a master’s degree in public health.

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