The Public Space Administration presents the 2024 budget Globalism

The Department of Public Space of Cartagena presented a detailed report on the implementation of resources for 2023 and the proposed budget for 2024 at a session of the City Council.

Director Cesario Pogue Hernandez highlighted that the initial budget for 2023 was $6,805 million, which was later raised to $11,671 million as the final budget. So far, 55% of this budget has been implemented. The report focused on the implementation of the program and its results:

– Restoring public space: 82% of the resources, equivalent to $3,131 million, were implemented, allowing us to implement 9 campaigns on the proper use of public space and carry out 770 operations to defend and control it.

– Improving parks and green spaces: 89% of the resources worth $76 million were implemented, resulting in the activation of 26,448 square meters of public space.

Sustainability of public space: With 74% of the resources totaling $281 million, 8 campaigns were implemented to convert informal vendors to formal vendors. In addition, it was reported that 1,450 square meters were organized for economic use and 60% progress was made in the public space policy.

– Mobility: Although 31% of the $355 million resources have been implemented, significant progress has been made, with progress reaching 70% on the mobility master plan, 98% on the preparation of the road crossing certification plan, and 75% on the design of 2 alternative modes of transport. Read also: Corpoturismo announces $2.3 billion budget for 2024

-Creating public space: With 48% of its $2,543 million budget, 19 urban acupuncture procedures were carried out, 16,338 square meters of public space were rehabilitated, 60,627 square meters of public space were restored and 15,937 square meters of public space were restored for people with disabilities. Disabilities.

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Cesario Bogue Hernandez also reported that until 2023, the Seleon infrastructure had not been implemented, but it was highlighted that progress has been made since then. The proposed budget for 2024, amounting to $20,598 million, was also presented. Read here: This was the implementation of the 2023 budget of the Ministry of the Interior in Cartagena

The session also addressed the concern expressed by Councilor David Munera (Dignidad) about the possibility of nationwide power outages due to El NiƱo, which could affect the regular interruption of Avinia’s electrical service, which could be presented as maintenance.

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