The president of Olympia, Pedro, pronounces the continuation of Troglio; Will you support Modagua against the Tigers?

Albos boss hopes to meet with coach soon after questioning his future on the bench

Rafael Villeda FerrariChairman OlympiaHe talked about the future Peter Troglio Ahead of the Merengue team and a heavy blow was fired from the Albo team Concacaf Champions League.

After a 4-0 defeat, they were defeated against last Tuesday Atlas, Peter Troglio He left his continuity at Merengue in doubt about his return to Honduras, the Olympian president responded and offered his vision for Argentina’s future on the Olympia bench.

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“Teacher Peter Troglio He was sad like everyone else and he is angry that from one day to the next he is forgetting his victories, those are situations that one has to understand, but one has to know that in football you can’t win,” said high president Del. Leon in a statement to TVC.

Troglio Complete your contract with Olympia Next May, Villeda hopes to reach an agreement to renew it.

“We’ve been waiting for this opportunity to sit down and talk about renewal, the opportunity for him to continue in the team and see what comes next,” Los Albos said.

Pedro Troglio has won five National Leagues and one CONCACAF League at Rafael Villeda’s Olympia.

Besides, Rafael Villeda He gave his perspective on Motugua’s performance in qualifying for the quarter-finals Concacaf Champions League After they are removed PachucaThe current Mexican soccer champion.

“It’s a big thing, and as I congratulated many of its directors, it’s an extraordinary achievement for the way the two games played head-to-head with reigning champions Mexico. Motagua “He gave a model that you can compete with them (Mexican clubs),” he pointed out.

Would you support Motagua In the quarter-final series played against Tigers?, consulting the president of Olimpia, he answered frankly: “We have to support Honduran football, we believe that Motagua can qualify for the semi-finals, and the two Catracho clubs are the last to qualify for that event, why not later.”

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