The presenter points out Jennifer Lopez's bad attitude

Divorce rumours Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck There is a singer in the eye of the hurricane. Another person may be added to this celebrity controversy after her ruthless attitude was exposed on the popular TV show. display. He is one of the former anchors of this broadcast. Meghan McCainHe revealed his bad experience with the protagonist of the film Atlas.

“I also share negative stories like the rest of the world,” McCain said on his podcast. Citizen McCain. “I feel so bad that we're getting to the point where JLo is being harassed. She's a deeply unpleasant person. She had the biggest entourage I've ever seen. [cuando estaba en The View]. more than Kim Kardashian And the President. “I don't really understand why that's necessary.”

This podcast is co-hosted by your guys Miranda Wilkins and producer Charles KingAgree with this information.

They say the “On the Floor” translator put them on notice last April, after a video of the broadcast was leaked on TikTok and they assured them the actress was not their favorite guest. managed to view and download the “alleged” clip; As confirmed, it has already been restored on the aforementioned social network.

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“[Jennifer López] “He took down our video,” Meghan McCain said. “We are in discussions with her at this time.”

McCain's representative provided more details to the US media about what happened Entertainment Weekly. “We don't know how or why we got the infringement notice. We appealed and within hours the video was restored,” he noted.

Entertainment Weekly He reached out to Jennifer Lopez's team for comment on the matter, but they have yet to hear back.

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