Scientists search for the origin of a strange radio signal from space –

This is a radio transmission that lasts for about an hour, the longest ever detected.

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Australian scientists have discovered an unusual radio signal from space, according to a study published in the journal Nature Astronomy last Wednesday.

“We recently discovered a radio transit that is unlike anything astronomers have seen before. Not only is it a roughly hour-long cycle (The longest discovery everBut over several observations we saw that it sometimes emits long, bright flashes, sometimes fast, weak pulses, and sometimes nothing at all,” the study authors commented.

The sign name is ASCAP J1935+2148. The numbers indicate their position in the sky. This periodic radio transit was discovered using the ASKAP radio telescope, owned by the Australian government agency CSIRO, in the west of the country.

“It belongs to a relatively new class of long-term radio transients. Only two more were found, period 53.8 minutes Scientists write that ASKAP J1935+2148 is the longest on record.

Regarding the nature of this signal, similar patterns have been observed in Neutron stars. However, scientists cannot rule out the possibility of this happening White dwarfthe ash of a burned-out, Earth-sized star that has exhausted its fuel.

“This thing could make us Rethinking our understanding “Decades on neutron stars or white dwarfs, particularly regarding how they emit radio waves and the shape of their clusters within our galaxy.” Research into this phenomenon is ongoing.

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