The port reserves Medusa space for companies to work with cargo.

Surface Centennial Pier which occupied it for sixteen years Medusa will not be assigned to a new Port Authority concession to a company.Sources from the organization told this newspaper that this space is already used by port operators to handle goods in loading and unloading operations and They ruled out the possibility of a ship being installed there..

Among the companies that have used these lands in recent months are: Sea stations in Galicia (TMGA), which has facilities nearby. La Medusa, the name given to the coal depot built in Centenario in 2007, was its goal and purpose.Avoid carbon emissions into the air Which occurred during the unloading of the metal in the port, causing great inconvenience to the residents of A Guiteira and Os Castros, who held protests to demand that these works be carried out properly.

Naturgy, the recipient of this coal that was destined for thermal power plants, chose to build a closed warehouse in Centenario to prevent dust from escaping. The system worked effectively for years, but a large part of the port's activities were transferred there. langostera point The closure of the thermal power plants caused Medusa to be out of use in 2019, so its owner decided to dismantle it in 2023.

The green dome, topped with yellow nerves, had already pierced the retinas of the inhabitants of La Coruña, to the point that the city's mayor, Ines Rey, declared that it was “city symbol”Therefore, voices rose calling for the preservation of this distinctive building and its allocation for other purposes.

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Although it has been suggested that it should remain in its original location, the Port Authority has warned that it cannot have a different use there, as it is located within a working area that is not accessible to people outside of dock activities. It has also been suggested that it could be dismantled and moved to a different location, but the architect who designed it, Ramon Corrochano, has warned that “in order to rebuild Medusa Hall or museum “A lot of things have to be done.” Finally, it was the city’s mayor who settled the debate when she announced that moving the giant structure would cost $100 million. 6.44 million euroswhich is more than building another similar building.

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