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By Yasal Porto

The playoffs of the 61st National Baseball Series have not yet begun and some of the eliminated teams have already begun to suggest alternatives to management in view of the next 2023 season.

One of those events was Villa Clara’s Sugar Leopards, one of the teams with the greatest tradition in Cuba, and the other, thanks to the person in charge of the competition who fought for the classification until the last moment. .

There has been a great deal of debate about the quality of five-time national series champion Pedro Joao and his critics point out that there is a big difference between winning three titles between 1993 and 1995. In 2022 he returned to the role of Helmsman.

His defenders, no less, blame the players more than the management, and feel that the lack of more personal status than the mistakes of Joa and other coaching staff has had a greater impact. Despite significant casualties before and after the match, they lost two starters (Alain Sanchez and Ariel Guerrelo) in the final.

But the first team now assumes that a new manager should come next season, and there are two names that have gained almost full importance in this regard.

Through social networks and virtual clubs such as Sugar Leopards on Facebook, you can already find various posts that are clearly protected by Ariel Bestano and Andy Chardui. There have been hundreds of comments in the first week alone that Villa Clara has been eliminated. And this debate is just beginning.

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The extra-class ex-catcher has always managed to get a job since retiring from baseball after his historic 2013 home run.

His defenders relied on his unquestionable and impressive intelligence and knowledge, as well as a character who could greatly support the discipline and excellent collective performance of his disciples. But those who do not want to see him run are more supportive of this last feature. They consider him to have exhibited a poor record, especially in sub-23, which will spoil the good outcome for his players.

In Andy’s case, supporters say he has all the tools to succeed as a director. His respect when demanded from others for wisdom, cunning and as a player he was one of the leading voices within the Villa Clara team during his last years.

Interestingly, Villa Clara made history with a home run that night when she defeated Mattanzas in her last Cuban title “Santino”.

At this time the Madhya Pradesh authorities have not commented on what will happen next year with the team or Joa has not released any statement on his future intentions. Had it not been for the decision to remove Eduardo Barrett in his second season, it would be too soon to see what course this situation would take. Especially after discussing the topic in his introduction.

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