The Pope intervened again to control the mass in Latin

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis has intervened for the third time to curb the celebration of the Old Latin Mass, in a sign of continued tension with Catholic traditionalists.

In a new legal decree published on Tuesday, the Holy See reaffirmed that it must approve all new Old Rite celebrations by signing bishops’ decisions to designate additional parish churches for the Latin Mass.

The document establishes that the Vatican’s liturgical office, headed by British Cardinal Arthur Roche, is responsible for evaluating this type of request on behalf of the Holy See and recalls that all requests from bishops must be sent there.

Traditionalist Catholic blogs and websites have reported for weeks that a further curtailment of the ancient rite is in the works, after Francis decided in 2021 to reimpose restrictions on its use that had been eased by his predecessor, then-Pope Benedict XVI. 2007.

The new decree does not further restrict the celebration, but rather repeats the earlier regulations. His assertion of Roche’s authority in the process seemed to silence traditionalist claims that the cardinal had overstepped his mandate. Francis approved the decree during a private audience with Roche on Monday.

Francis’ limitations on ancient rituals have angered his conservative and traditional critics, many of whom have attacked him for his focus on the environment, social justice and immigrants.

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