The PLD alleges that the government is investing in false accounts on social networking sites

The main opposition party in the Dominican Republic on Monday condemned the government’s allocation “Million pesos” Create false accounts on networks, improve their actions and improve their image.

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) has lodged a complaint with its senatorsWho will present a motion this week, so the president’s spokesman Homero Fikurova explains before the Senate “millionaire resources spent on miscalculations on social networks”.

“We will submit a resolution this week to implement the Senate’s call to appear before an official to explain the costs of this shameful act,” PLD spokeswoman Yv├ín Lorenzo said in a statement.

For PLD senators, Figueroa will “encourage the creation of hundreds of false social network accounts.” With the aim of protecting the government in digital networks and media “.

Legislators say there is a “record” that “false accounts will be ordered by people close to the government and government spokesmen.”

In its statement, the PLT recently echoed an investigation by Spanish expert Julian Macias on social media, confirming that the Dominican government is using some in an integrated manner. 150 fake accounts To create a favorable trend for its management in social networks.

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