Election Directors and J.C.E. The PRM demands restructuring

This Thursday at noon, the Central Election Commission (JCE) issued a deadline to political parties regarding the status of elections, calculations, civil status registration, identity card and the position or approval of persons in the election and election register.

The Election Commission submitted the approvals of Mario Nice, the current Director of the National Directorate of Elections and Johnny Rivera, the current Director of the Directorate of Information Technology. Rivera took office after the suspension and subsequent removal of Miguel Angel Garcia after the defeat of the municipal election in February 2020, while Nice was in charge of logistics.

With regard to these two directions, which appear to be the most important in the JCE, the opposition accepted the approvals of Nice and Rivera, while the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) recommended a complete overhaul of both sectors, considering the suspension. Municipal elections in February last year.


In a document submitted to the secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) JCE, Mario Nice and Johnny Rivera said they accept the company’s proposal to be approved in their respective positions.

Vesalio America is in favor of reinstating former official party identity and election card director Rodriguez and national director of the election registry Luis Mariano Matos.

However, they oppose the official appointment of Raina Alessandra Diaz Tejada as the National Director of the Civil Registry because she is the wife of the political leader of the PRM, Tario de Jesus Sabada Estevas, and currently holds the deputy status of the province of Tajaban.

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“While it is true that the said limits (Law 15-19) refer to the Electoral Boards, it is less true that this non-compliance is more enforceable to the officers who are to guide the key strategic areas of the Central Electoral Board. A responsible organization includes the documents necessary for citizens to obtain their identity cards, identities, and elections that allow them to exercise their right to vote, ”the PLD said in its document.

People’s Force

The People’s Force approved the current elections and the approval of the Directors of Information Technology and other plans for the full session of the JCE for Directorates.

But the opposition understands that in view of the failure of the automatic voting in February 2020, it is “necessary” to restructure the various deputy directorates in the IT sector because of their role in that election. Competition.

“Without the restructuring of the deputy directorates and regions of this sector, there will be no guarantees and confidence in the computerized processes of the next elections. In addition, we consider it necessary to review some aspects of the deputy directorates in the electoral sector,” the party document said.


The Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC) accepts all JCE plans because all profiles are “correct”.

“We believe they have done a good job of the many years they have enjoyed there and there is no reason to expect anything else from them … We hope they have not put forward any awkwardness and that they are acting as the community expects and needs,” said Decito Bertomo, J.C. Representative of BRSC before E.C.

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The ruling party opposed the revelations by its opponents and called on the electoral system to change the direction of elections and information technology.

“The suspension of the municipal elections marked a disastrous precedent in the history of our democracy. .

The letter states that PRM understands that JC has “enough time” to carry out this restructuring.

Section 16 of Law 15-19 relating to Electoral Governance establishes that the Board of Directors shall not make appointments of Directors Elections, Calculations, Civil Status Registration, Identity and Election Card and Election Records without prior consultation with the political parties.

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