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What is the Amazon Echo?

Some inaccuracies may have come to this article without knowing much about what these devices are, or if they all have the same lights indicating certain details of the device.

Without going into too much detail or functionality, Amazon Echo’s smart speakers. Thanks for adding Smart Assistant Alexa, We may request different actions to provide us with some information or to work directly with devices such as smart lights, smart TVs and more.

On the inside Amazon Echo Family We can find many types of products:

  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Amazon Echo
  • Amazon Echo Plus
  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Amazon Echo Spot
  • Amazon Echo Flex
  • Amazon Echo Auto: This allows us to bring the potential of a company’s smart speaker to our car.
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube: Although it is considered a Fire TV, it includes all the capabilities of the Amazon Smart Speaker.

If you want to learn more about any of these devices, you can watch the videos we dedicate to them on our YouTube channel. From living with the home ecosystem or analyzing some of them:

Like we said, this is the whole Echo family. Each of them has several models in its list and they are designed for different type of application or user. But what they all have in common, and what worries us about this article, is that LEDs glow in different ways depending on what you want to convey to us.

What does the yellow / green / red light on my Amazon Echo mean?

Having said all of the above, let’s go with the interesting thing about this article, what do those colored lights we see on our Amazon smart speakers represent?

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As you can imagine, these LED lights are messages that the speaker throws at us before sending us any information. So let’s go color by color to identify them correctly.

Yellow light on the Amazon Echo

If we see our speaker showing a slow glowing yellow band every few seconds, it means that Alexa has a message or announcement pending to tell us. This signal will appear, for example, a package we ordered on Amazon is coming that day.

So if you want to delete it, click on “Alexa, read my pending notifications” or “Alexa, what messages do I have?”

Red light on Amazon Echo

In the case of the red bar, it can be a little too striking or trigger an issue, which is something completely different from this. If the LED of our devices sees this color, it indicates that the microphone is disabled and, therefore, cannot be heard by Alexa. If you have a device with a camera, the video will not be transmitted.

To solve this, it is as easy as pressing the Disable button on the speaker again. It is located on the body of the device and is designed with a circle.

Cyan / Blue Light on Amazon Echo

Echo point

Since some presentations require this light, if we use Echo every day, we will get tired of looking at it. But what you may not know is that it has two “levels” that refer to different things.

For example, the brightness of light blue light and dark blue occur when Alexa hears us. We see this whenever we call it with a built-in command. At the end of the request and its subsequent response, it will disappear.

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However, a broad blue cyan color moves smoothly from a dark blue farm, as the group begins to see. If we do this for the first time, if you need configuration, the orange light will follow after this animation.

Orange light on the Amazon Echo

Simple. The speaker is in setup mode and ready to connect to your Amazon account. You need to connect it to the internet and follow the steps provided by the Alexa application so that this light disappears.

Green light on Amazon Echo

If a flashing green light suddenly appears on our speaker, we will find out in a few seconds what it is. This indicates that a call is coming to our device. However, if the call is active, this green light will scroll instead of flashing.

The LED light will turn off when the call is completed.

Purple light on the Amazon Echo

If you do not know, these Amazon smart devices have trouble – free mode, you can simply access the command “Alexa, enable trouble mode”. In other words, at the moment you execute this command, no other notification can reach your computer to avoid sounds or distractions.

When activated, you may see a faint glow of purple light on the computer. Also, if you want to remove this mode, it will be as simple as asking the assistant.

White light on the Amazon Echo

Finally, there is a white LED on the Echo. Although it quickly reveals its use. When we increase or decrease the speaker size, these LEDs will be displayed occupying more or less part of the band.

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These are all codes of LED lights that can be found on our Amazon speaker and, in addition, how to “remove” them. We hope Alexa has helped you figure out what she wanted to convey to you and not get your head around what this means.

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