The plant has completed one application for the largest funding campaign in the history of Seat Bling: 720,000 euros

The Romanian startup received targeted funding within two hours of launch. As such, the plant achieved investment obligations totaling ,000 720,000 per application.

By listing on Seat Bling, the plant reached 600 600,000, of which ,000 250,000 was the tightest pre-campaign investment made by Elite and Classic members of the network, while ,000 120,000 was invested in another campaign to build an app on the platform in the United States. In the first three hours of the campaign’s public opening, 350,000 euros were raised. After the general listing, the startup was targeted at 250,000 investments, a target was reached in the first two hours and exceeded 100,000 euros in the next hour.

“We are very pleased with this success and are equally grateful for the confidence investors have placed in us. In the first hour after the public release, we reached a maximum funding of ,000 720,000 with a total funding of ஆரம்ப 500,000, but we successfully surpassed this target at record time: three hours. We will use it for expansion based on our sales and marketing efforts, but also for site development, ”explained Bokton Lyceku, Founder and CEO of Plant & App.

Due to the high interest from registered investors in the platform, under the same conditions, the Plant App decided to increase the maximum amount from ,000 100,000 to ,000 720,000, except that it was initially established.

Planting an utility list has been the biggest campaign to date on the Seatblink platform, with a large number of private investors committing obligations. About 100 investors registered on Seat Bling showed their support. One advantage was that those interested had time to read the opportunity to invest in an application for the plant for a week, during a private pre-listing period addressed to Elite & Classic members at Seat Bling. The pre-campaign took place from January 5th to 11th.

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This campaign is the first time a secure tool has been used in a seed connection fund, a Convertible note, Specified for silicon fence openings, developed by Y Combinator.

“What happened when the Seat Blinging Plant was listed as an application confirms the strength of our investor community, and implicitly the fact that Seat Bling has become a key link in financing disruptive technology companies not only in Romania – the success of the fourth international start we already support, financing nearly மில்லியன் 10 million through our site Said Andre Dudou, co-founder and CEO of Seat Bling.

In the Southeastern European region, Seat Bling is the largest equity crude funding platform in terms of volume traded and number of investors. Seat Bling’s growing community is at the center of the site’s success, as well as the selection of technological startups founded by passionate groups with innovative ideas, real social impact and potential for international measurement.

Through this approach, the plant aims to expand its sales and marketing efforts, including increasing the team with growth marketers and business development representatives. In addition, the launch will continue to enhance the customer experience on the platform and increase the product development team. An app plant also aims to train future low-code engineers by establishing a low-code academy, thereby implementing online and offline learning programs.

The plant is currently running an app equity crude funding campaign on the platform in the United States. Romanian investors can also participate here.

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