The People’s Savings Bank of Cuba issues an information note

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Through official social networks, the People’s Savings Bank of Cuba has issued an information note explaining how its services will operate after the necessary closure of one of its branches.

According to the statement, in order not to affect customers, the natural and legal persons who were served in this closed branch will be transferred to another branch.

The peculiarities of the changes in the note reproduced by Cubita NOW in full are explained below:

Informational note

In view of the temporary closure of Branch 2202 and its attached area in Calle 16, as well as of the Gelma and Flora y Fauna branches, it is planned to provide basic services to serve the normal and legal customers of the bank branch. Popular de Ahorro de Emserva, as well as Banco Metropolitano offices.

Also at the reception of our central office there will be a specialist from the Corporate Communication Department to guide all clients who come to our entity to request services.

In the case of natural persons, Banco Metropolitano branches will bring them to carry out the following operations:

Withdrawals from a savings account (including inactivity), with a maximum of 10,000 pesos, which is permitted outside the opening branch, or in amounts greater than these,

Bank transfers assigned to BPA accounts for ledgers and magnetic cards (similar to deposits), rated with Banco Metropolitano so that no commission is charged to the customer,

Settlement of checks, whether cash or depositing their balances in accounts. This includes TCP who need to deposit funds into their accounts.

Legal persons will be presented as follows:

If the payroll is to be approved, it will be attended by a specialist in electronic banking and the electronic payment methods branch of Banco Popular de Ahorro.

If you need to extract a salary in cash or any other specific need, the Emserva branch of Banco Popular de Ahorro, the pre-coordination of the corporate banking department will attend.

In the case of normal clients who need to certify balances in their savings accounts for immigration formalities, the Legal Advisory Department of the BPA Central Office will attend to them.

If another type of action is not specified above, it will be evaluated by the BPA’s Corporate Communications Department with the corresponding area to respond to the client.

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