” The only option is to be able to fight for that space ”

CYCLING. Members of UCO had a meeting in the Municipality

Beyond Racing’s decision to keep the land where the “Humberto A. Corradi” track is today, the group mobilized to make the issue even more visible.

The members of UCO (Unión Ciclistas Olavarrienses) do not lower their arms. Beyond Racing’s decision to keep the land where the “Humberto A. Corradi” track is today, the group holds meetings, analyzes alternatives and, in turn, mobilized to make the issue even more visible. In this context, they achieved a meeting with municipal authorities that took place yesterday.

Then, UCO presented the issue and everything was open to move forward with the problem, to reach a solution point, although it is not easy. But, at least, it was clear that the cyclists remain firm in their request to conserve the space requested by Racing.

Yesterday, after the meeting, Mario Di Martino -referential of UCO- took stock of everything that happened: “We talk about what is happening and the Municipality is going to mediate to see what solution can be found.”

In addition, Di Martino clarified that “a new space is impossible, since it is necessary to speak of millions of pesos. In this time of pandemic, and added to the situation in which the country is, Olavarría cannot begin to make a track of cycling that takes him 20 or 25 million “.

For this reason, he knows that “the only option we have is to be able to fight for that space, for the Humberto Angel Corradi track” and remarked that “the Municipality put the best of them, they have a good predisposition, but now it is progress with Racing. We have to see what the club’s decision is, and we have to find a way around it to see how we can fix the issue “, although after the talk last Thursday there was no more contact between the parties.

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Di Martino, then, said that after yesterday’s talk “we are going to wait a few days and we will meet again to see if there is an answer”, while explaining that “we cyclists are asking for our space; I think it will it would be easier to build two soccer fields and one hockey field on another field and not have to completely build one track, which carries other costs “.

“Besides, it is already done, it would be crazy to break that. Cyclists have been putting things in for 27 years, since we never had a help from the club for something. On the contrary, as I have already learned, they kept a part of a subsidy that it was for cycling, “said Di Martino who, along with other cyclists, maintains his claim to continue in the space that has been in operation since December 5, 1993.

On behalf of the Municipality were present Diego Robbiani (Secretary of Human Development and Quality of Life), Juan Agustín Galli (Undersecretary of Sports and Recreation) and Marcelo Verna (Director of Sports Management); while Mario Di Martino attended the UCO, who was accompanied by Adalberto Goyeneche (president of the Olavarría Centro Cycling Federation), a son of Humberto Angel Corradi and the UCO lawyer.

From the Municipality they listened to the members of UCO, after the meeting that was held with Racing last week where the “chaira” decision was announced, and in this way they agreed to meet again to advance on this problem.

In this context, they recognized that it is not a simple matter considering the options, since, for example, thinking about a new space, specific for cycling, would be difficult “because of the cost of doing it.”

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