The new Galaxy S23 is completely filtered in images

In the world of technology and consumer electronics, leaks are common. Smartphones, tablets, video games and even cars are “filtered” days, weeks or months before they arrive. Samsung’s Galaxy S23, unfortunately, is not going to be an exception and we will see it in detail before its official presentation.

In fact, we ask first Unofficial data What will the new “Galaxy S” family look like? Issued on February 1 by a South Korean company. This time, the S23 and S23+ models are expected to radically change their design and look similar to what we see on the Galaxy S22 Ultra (and we’ll see the same on the S23 Ultra). On the back, the three cameras sit in separate modules rather than on a single notch, as they did on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 models.

People WinFuture has received a batch of images (As we see in these lines) Again, confirming this change of appearance in S23. Additionally, the leaked images reveal that the Galaxy S23 and S23+ will come in four different colors: black, green, pink, and “cotton flower” (a type of white).

Images of the Galaxy S23 are filtered including its 4 colors.

In terms of hardware, the phones will come with new OLED screens with a higher maximum brightness level Galaxy S22 last year (It was a high-quality panel that was easy to see in bright sunlight) and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, Qualcomm’s most powerful to date. The presentation date of the new Galaxy S23 family February 1. [via[vía[வழியாக[víaWinFuture]

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