The neighborhood association “EL NOGALÓN” in Espinoso de Compludo organizes a day to get closer to science

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Activity directed For all audiencesAlthough it is true that it is the children who will be able to enjoy all those scientific facts that can be thought about, explained and analyzed. The entrance is open until capacity is full.

“AbracaBranting Experiments” This is done in cooperation with teachers. Sergio Castro And Carmen RodriguezFounders of the well-known site “Math teacher 10” It is often visited by many children and young people from Persia to improve their skills in physics, chemistry and mathematics. There they can take advantage of new technologies to uncover the extraordinary. Educational programs, from zero to infinity and beyond, can be found on that platform..

This is the authentic science of engagement towards science in the form of YouTube channel She has over 500,000 subscribers.acquired through empathy and “Putting mathematics down to street level” Through videos that include experiments to make the content more digestible. And so they started projecting without stopping to stand on the ground. Carmen and Sergio on YouTube are coaches. Education is much more than that, like them They themselves confirm.

“ABRACADABRANTES EXPERIENCES” is based on an intertwined literary and scientific experience for the whole family.about 45 minutes long. Through the amazing and surprising facts, one learns and enjoys, interacts with the audience. Oh!!, and if that's not enough, they warn us about it after the show Spectators may give off as much light as giant fireflies.

in “EL NOGALÓN” We believe in this through these initiatives.What brings culture and science to small rural centers, first of all we explain that The city is not the only meeting point where you can learn or develop skills.And in second place We feel like we are first class citizens and have equal rights.. Although those of us who live in an empty Spain know that politicians make this very difficult for us, because they are unable to imagine events for these people beyond the holidays or festivals that they enjoy with grateful bellies.

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With Sergio and Carmen we will see that science is accessible and even fun. But also that Thanks to science, values ​​can be transmitted. Essential today in society, such as Culture of effortIt was the great scientist and inventor, Thomas Edison, who said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, meaning you have to sweat the shirt off with effort. And that's where we are.

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