The National League awarded its sponsorship gold, now known as Honduras’ Petrice League – Dice

In the midst of a very emotional event, The National League Has introduced its new official sponsor, which comes from the bookmaker Petris from Honduras It will impose its seal on it.

Professional leader, Wilfredo Guzman Next to the secretary Solomon Calindo, Were responsible for announcing the signature sponsor of his signature for three years with the Catracha League.

“We believe that our football has tremendous potential, but above all, the future can only be a promising future with the work, commitment and participation of all.

Guzman promised the deal would bring economic benefits and sporting development to the league clubs.

The event was broadcast internationally and live on league networks on the sponsor’s website. Those in the auditorium UTH They were able to see the moment of signing the agreement that would unite them in the Honduran league.

“In order Petris from Honduras It is a great honor to have an alliance with a Soccer League in Central America, Like the National League of Honduras, we know that their clubs have a great historical tradition. We are trying to contribute to the development of sports in the country through this huge strategic move, ”he said. Gabriel Nice del Arco Wagner, Corporate Business Director of the Petcris brand.

The signing of the agreement was sealed in the presence of the media, in which they highlighted the teams around the world that sponsor this new brand.

Honduras joins leagues like Ecuador, MLP, NFL And a few other organizations such as the Mexican Soccer Federation.

Handed over to the National League representative, to seal the alliance Petris, The National League has given a plate to one of the executives of the new sponsor of Catrocho Football.

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