The must-see games and dates of the 2023 NFL season

You can feel it in the air, you can even smell it… The 2023 NFL season is closer than you think More and more Calendar Notification In international sports.

But not everything is rosy, because Unfortunately Mexico did not enter this set of games outside of the US What will the NFL do in the 2023 season?

Azteca Stadium will have some updates for the 2026 World Cup It’s a far cry from Mexico International games for the 2023 NFL season And some more.

Goodbye to NFL games at Azteca Stadium for a while – Photo: Getty Images

The winner in this whole situation? Germany, last year already had its first NFL game and it was very successful Now they play not one, but two international games.

Plus, the three we already know will be in the UK. A total of five tournaments are held in Europe And there will be no more for the 2023 season.

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NFL international game schedule

For the NFL’s three-game international series in London, they will field five teams. The Jacksonville Jaguars, already a tradition in England, will play two games.

The Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens will be the other teams traveling to Europe. As for Germany, they have already spoiled the leaders.

The relationship between the NFL and Europe – Photo: Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes flies to Frankfurt for international NFL games, Miami Dolphins Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots.

nfl week Date International sports Country Arena
Week 4 October 1st Atlanta Falcons vs. Jacksonville Jaguars England Wembley
Week 5 October 8th Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Buffalo Bills England Tottenham Stadium
Week 6 October 15 Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans England Tottenham Stadium
Week 9 November 5 Miami Dolphins vs. Kansas City Chiefs Germany Frankfurt Stadium
Week 10 12th November Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots Germany Frankfurt Stadium

There will be an NFL game on Black Friday and Christmas!

If we already love the tradition of enjoying three games on Thanksgiving, this 2023 will be even better because there will also be an NFL game a day later. Aaron Rodgers’ Jets will face the Miami Dolphins in the first game of so-called Black Friday. It will take place on Friday, November 24.

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It is also assumed Monday, Dec. 25… The NFL is planning a tripleheader that takes place on Thanksgiving Day over Christmas. Only that has now been confirmed In addition to the Raiders vs. Chiefs, the Eagles and Giants will meet on Monday Night Football.

Schedule ready for 2023 season / Image: NFL

The must-see games of the 2023 NFL season

With all of the above, it’s enough to get excited about, but not the main dish: the Full schedule for the 2023 season. The nfl Will let you know Thursday, May 11 But before that, he released some games with respective dates to get us more excited.

Starting with him KickReissue Final of the National Convention“Classic” among Cowboys and 49ers Or the day Aaron Rodgers faces Josh Allen and his Bills with his Jets. Pure game!

Here the The must-see games of the 2023 NFL season:

DATE week game
September 7 Week 1 (Kickoff) Detroit Lions vs. Kansas City Chiefs
September 11 Week 1 New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills
October 8th Week 5 Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers
December 3 Week 13 Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers
December 25 Week 16 Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders
December 25 Week 16 New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles
December 31st Week 17 Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

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