The Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Education of the Province of Tucumán have signed an agreement so that the interactive exhibition “Lugar a Dudas” will participate in EDUCATEC

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel Filmos, and the Minister of Education of the Province of Tucumán, Juan Pablo Lichtmagir, signed a cooperation framework agreement so that the symbolic interactive exhibition of the C3 Science Cultural Center, “a place for doubts”, participates in the EDUCATEC fair, which the province organizes annually and brings science closer to the region northwest of the country. The meeting was attended by the Director of Museums, Exhibitions and Exhibitions Development, Guadalupe Diaz Costanzo.

During the signing, Vilmus expressed: “A celebration to confirm that the province will host the exhibition of Lugar and Dodas in its home and that Tucumanas will be able to enjoy the fun sciences that amaze all who know them. We want visitors to feel inspired and that this exhibition encourages critical thinking and awakens in particular the scientific vocations of young people.” .

For his part, Lichtmager noted: “My thanks to Minister Wilmus and his team for their willingness to federalize science and technology policies. Strengthening these joint actions helps to awaken calls, improve learning and lay the foundations for a country with industrial, productive, scientific and technological development.”

The agreement aims to promote social participation in scientific culture and technological development to stimulate interest and advocacy in the study of science and in the communication of scientific knowledge. For this reason, the Ministry of Science, through C3 – under the Directorate of Museums, Exhibitions and Exhibitions Development – and the Ministry of Education, through the Center for Innovation and Research for Productive and Technological Development (CIIDEPT), are committed to implementing interdisciplinary actions to create and share scientific knowledge as educational, artistic and scientific activities targeting Diverse audiences, especially adolescents and young adults, encouraging interaction between science and community professionals, integrating a gender perspective, social inclusion and sustainable development.

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A Place of Doubts, the permanent exhibition at C3 is a space of questions, doubts, possibilities and amazement embodied in different interactive modules that invite visitors to put their intuition and understanding into play. The original gallery, located in the neighborhood of Palermo, CABA, consists of three rooms: El Azar, El Tiempo and La Información, which intend to approach sciences from various disciplines. To Tucuman Province, its 15-unit itinerant version will move.

EDUCATEC Fair is a multi-interactive space for scientific and technological publishing organized by the Ministry of Education of Tucumán and seeks to promote scientific and technological dissemination and promotion at all levels of the educational community, and the general public. To this end, spaces are used to build (and reconstruct) knowledge in multiple learning scenarios and environments, stimulating curiosity and awakening careers in youngsters. This year the exhibition will take place from August 24 to September 21 at the Innovation Center – CIIDEPT, with free admission.

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