The husband of singer Atalkiza Pandalion has passed away today

The artist’s husband passed away at his home today, Tuesday Atalkisa Pandalian Due to heart attack.

According to data provided by the singer’s son, Hector Anibal Estrella, to Diorio Libre, Jean-Marie Burcott woke up early in the morning for his daily routine, after which he suffered a heart attack, which claimed his life.

Those who know Jean-Marie know her loving treatment and human nature.

Burkot and Atalkiza have been married for 23 years. “Now we are preparing for the funeral, so no further details can be provided,” said the translator and actor.

Atalkisa Pandalian Dedicated artist who stands out as a singer and actress.

Jean-Marie Burgot He was a French economist who developed his career in the Dominican Republic, France and Haiti. He is 74 years old.

Message for Atalkiza Anniversary to Jean-Marie

On January 10 this year, the couple celebrated the 23rd anniversary of the case. Exactly on that date, Atalkisa Pandalian He wrote an emotional message on his Instagram profile, the text of which is as follows:

To see you always smiling, happy, with that baby look, kind, sweet, blue-green, is the illusion that fills my soul. With the simplicity of you living life, there is nothing busy, let it flow in a natural way, always enjoying the simple things, the scents, the expression of nature. Loving and happy, the ability to forget my catharsis moments, knowing that you are by my side, you take care of me, you protect me as a woman. You found things to make me laugh, my pain is your pain, you take care of my sleep, you adore me when I sleep, you are complicit in appearance. I still find your love notes in my drawer. You know my mood and loneliness. I want to tell you how lucky I am to have found you! This January 10 is 23 years old“.

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