The meteorite shook the buildings as it flew across the sky over Vermont

(CNN) – Authorities said a fireball or meteorite flying at about 42,000 miles per hour (67,000 km / h) was spotted in the sky Sunday night in northern Vermont and Canada.

NASA meteor monitoring said on facebook More than 100 people saw the meteorite at 5:38 pm local time on Sunday.

Al Grigorich, who lives in South Burlington, told CNN affiliate WPTZ. “It was exciting to see him. I will never forget. “

The meteorite traveled 33 miles (53 km) in a northeasterly direction Mount Mansfield State Forest As far as Beach Hill in Orleans County, south of Newport, the company said.

According to NASA meteor observation, this is probably an asteroid fragment, and the tremor felt by witnesses may be due to the pressure difference between the front and rear of the object.

“Mother Nature’s Fireworks Respect”

“Space rock violently shattered, creating a pressure wave that shook buildings and made the sound heard by those near the path,” NASA said. “This pressure wave will cause small ‘tremors’ that can be recorded on the ground couple and seismic instruments.”

From infrared measurements of low frequency sounds that can travel long distances, NASA was able to measure the fireball, which weighed about 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and was about six inches (15 centimeters) in diameter.

The company described it as “Mother Nature’s fireworks display honor”.

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