2 stars to attract Laporte’s attention …

Joan Laborda He has always done things in a big way and in his second adventure FC Barcelona Its The aim is to make Barcelona the best team in the world again. Along with the lawyer and businessman in charge, the Catalan people won the famous ‘Sexstead’ and were the envy of the rest of the clubs. Now, the new Persian president wants to do this again, and has already begun working to achieve it.

The top leader of the Catalan team is fully aware that the delicate economic situation in Persia will force them to go to the forefront in terms of signing. For this reason, during his election campaign, he made it clear that he did not want to talk about ‘John’ names and that he should look at the accounts first. However, He has so many big names in his head, and he will do anything to sign one From them.

These players Sergio L’Cun Aguirre and David Alaba play for the Plugrana team With strength in these last months. Although the two will end their contract in the summer of 2021, Argentina’s case seems simpler than the Austrian. His age, his salary and his regular physical problems.

The forward will be 33 years old in a few months and he has never played due to injuries this season. Regardless, he has a top attack and in good health he will be a fantastic addition. He wants to play at Camp Nou and is willing to cut his salary, ‘Mundo Deportivo’ announced. His only request would be a transfer bonus for free, which is something Laborda can accept. In addition to a strategic arrival from a football perspective, it will also be an update on Leo Messi, as both are close and the signing of Kun could bring his update closer.

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As for Alabama, Real Madrid is fully involved in the move, but goodwill with President Bini Jahawi and his agent could change everything. ‘MD’ confirms it Barcia have already reached a verbal agreement with Vienna without negotiating the terms of its agreement. He would be happy to play for Barcelona, ​​but his salary could be a problem because Bayern Munich have rejected his renewal precisely because he is asking too much.

Transfers depend on the amount in the box

Both signatures depend on the Barcelona economyBecause there will not be enough money to cover the salary of both. According to Aguirre, the deal will be easy as he is willing to lose money, but Auster is keen to sign the best deal of his career, which will make things much more complicated. The good relationship of its representatives with LaPorte is expected to ease things, but it is important to see how negotiations develop.

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