The match in the Champions League was interrupted by racist comments – the game


The match between Paris Saint-Germain and Istanbul Panagahir was interrupted at the minute. At 16, 0-0, due to some racist comments by fourth-placed Romanian Sebastian Colescu.

The Turks left the field 14 minutes after the start of the match, after Cameronian, one of Istanbul’s technical staff, blamed them. The reserve referee, Sebastian Colescu, used the word “Negro” to describe him.

A tense exchange took place on the edge of the field, the victim asked the Romanian arbitrator in English “Did you say Negro?” Why? I heard you say that! ”

I would like to mention that in French “black” is “noir” and the word “black” is an offensive word with a racist accusation that can be translated as “crow or crow”, hence the potential confusion and scale corruption.

It would be very serious if a referee allowed himself to commit such an act “- commented French journalists during a live broadcast of the debate.

Following the Turkish players’ refusal to play, they protested the racist slide that left the field and the Paris-Saint-Germain.

According to French journalists, the stars of the Parisian team, Neymar and Mbabane, also joined those who asked for explanations from referee Kolescu.

Although the organization has been engaged in a determined process of combating racist expressions in football since past incidents, it is unbelievable that the UEFA-verified referee has generally acted racist.

“This is a unique gesture in the history of the Champions League” – wrote Le Monde newspaper.

This material is missing from any publication, and the reactions will continue to flow, not only from the sports world, of course, says RRA reporter Daniela Comanne in Paris.

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The UEFA announced that the match would resume on Wednesday with another battalion referee.


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