Gyuri Pascu’s ex-wife: “I don’t know if she wanted to be saved”

After Gyuri Pascu’s death, the ambulance services were criticized and various investigations and investigations were launched, including by the prosecution, and the first ambulance doctor was punished. However, Daniela Marín assures that since September 13 the artist had problems in one leg, so he walked with crutches and that diabetes and loss of vision were the only conditions he recognized. Gyuri Pascu was afraid of doctors and his ex-wife could not convince him to go for medical check-ups.

“This is the truth”

“Of course, if, professionally speaking, the doctor who came with the first rescue failed to do something, act accordingly, it is not my job. That does not help Gyuri, and unfortunately, my opinion is that it will not help anyone but to the lady in question. But when he arrived, Gyuri had made a full recovery. I even said it’s like waiting at the dentist when, out of fear, nothing hurts. Not even what he called a panic attack took place in the presence of the doctor She explained how she felt, answered questions … I really looked hopeful that then she seemed to have completely forgotten about the panic. And after I led her to the door and then came back, Gyuri was fine. I sat down for a while and then told her. I asked if she didn’t want to go to bed. She said yes, and to my amazement she stood up easily and also said she didn’t want to walk on crutches. That hadn’t happened in many days. Specifically since September 13, day my mother died 26 years ago. I don’t know if He could have been saved, I don’t know if he wanted to be saved, even if, with much hope and confidence, he was waiting for the night to pass so he could go to Târgovişte the next day, for acupuncture. His great confidence was in that treatment, and the only recognized problem, other than diabetes and considerable loss of vision, was that of the foot. Although from the beginning I asked him to understand that he had to go to neurology and cardiology, at least for a check-up, although he was going to continue with the acupuncture treatment, he did not want to. As he told me what had happened to his foot, it instantly came to mind. But I am not a doctor. Nor have I been able to persuade him to get a medical check-up in all these years. Not me, not our son, not my girlfriend, not anyone. It will take me a while to accept that you have done everything you wanted to do. This is the truth, “wrote Daniela Marín in the text entitled “For Gyuri”.

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Ioan Gyuri Pascu passed away on September 26, at the age of 55, at the home of his ex-wife. On the same day, the Bucharest Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a case in which investigations into the suspicious death are underway. After the autopsy carried out at the request of the family, at the “Mina Minovici” National Institute of Legal Medicine, the heart disease that Gyuri suffered from pre-existing diabetes was established as the cause of death.

In 112, three calls were received in the case of Ioan Gyuri Pascu, on September 26, at 3:23, 04:42 and 4:53, the first two for a medical emergency and the third for aggravating the patient’s condition , according to the Special Telecommunications Service. (STS). The person who made the first call announced a medical emergency, for which he was transferred to the Emergency Dispatch Office of the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service. The reason given was a panic attack. A team of doctors and ambulances moved. On the second call, the reason for the request was “cyanosis, coma.” Subsequently, the first to reach the patient was a first aid team from SMURD, who initiated the resuscitation maneuvers, followed almost simultaneously by an intensive care team from SMURD and a type C2 team from SABIF. law

The Disciplinary Commission asked the Bucharest-Ilfov Ambulance Service Steering Committee to reduce by 10%, for two months, the salary of the first ambulance doctor who intervened in the Gyuri Pascu case, since he attended the consultation with only one of the three mandatory medical kits and did not take the patient’s written consent to refuse transportation to the hospital.

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